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April 14, 2010


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I was back  swimming at Bronte,  my helmet, aegis and spear

safely stashed away and there was no sign of the Adonis

who had hovered so beautifully before me the last time I was here.

An ageing Adonis so thin he looked like a giant stick insect

slowly descended the steps into the pool,

his eyes masked with tiny round black glasses.

He fell thankfully into the water and looked back at two near naked shapely nymphs who were behind him squealing about the cold.

‘It’s wonderful,’ he said in a shaky voice. And so was he.

For I saw him as he used to be. Champion runner,  mighty oracle, someone whose opinion was once sought.

Now the water is his only friend, and as he stood in the sun before he submerged himself 

I had a glimpse of the god he once was.

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