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May 10, 2010

Beware of love messages scratched on old columns

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My lost love returned today to tell me he loved another goddess.

How does Athena the virgin warrior goddess have a lost love?

The centuries are littered with Adonai who favoured her from time to time.

There was one God who won her heart.

He was  a son of  Apollo and  Aphrodite, who had caught him

gazing at her naked before she was about to couple with Adonis.

In punishment he was smitten with blindness, and when I met him

I swore one day he would see me clearly and love me forever.

I have watched over him for decades, mending his broken heart when others hurt him, whispering love words in his ear, stroking his tired limbs and making up special potions to help him believe that one day he would see.

Sometimes his rages would be so great or his grief so deep that I could not reach him.

So I went to other places where I was needed and I could do battle and win.

In all this time despite what I would say or think about him,  I loved him. He was not the most beautiful God I had known nor even the most powerful. When he loved me, my heart would melt and I would become like a child of Eros longing for undying devotion and erotic entanglement forever.

I thought I had  been cured of this malady of mine. However,when I read the message he had scratched on the column outside my temple, my heart lept and I ordered him to meet me.

He came and I hardly recognised him.

His head was bare, his eyes were open and it was not me he was seeing, it was the other.

Now he was no longer angry, now he could see clearly and now he no longer loved me.

I wanted to tear my aegis into a thousand pieces and throw cruel spikes in front of him where ever he walked. I wanted to rip off my helmet and my robe, utter the most heart rending cries ever heard across the universe or the centuries.

But I did nothing. I listened to his story and gave my version with a numb heart.

It was later that my heart opened enough to start to feel the relief and the freedom.

And when that happened real compassion for both of us started to emerge. 

What to do with that compassion has become my next mission.


  1. Loving the guesswork it takes to work out where fiction and reality intertwine… keep me guessing! Good to see you back, was worried for awhile.

    Comment by Louise @ ahhserenity — May 15, 2010 @ 8:53 am | Reply

    • There have been a few hiccups with this post so I decided to withdraw it for a while. I have re-instated it with some minor changes. Of course I use some of the events and reactions of my mortal life as a basis for my stories. But stories are what they are and Athena is the narrator not me. She is changing in this process, however, as I am. Glad you liked it and glad to be back.

      Comment by athenapallas — May 21, 2010 @ 3:54 pm | Reply

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