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May 21, 2010


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How is it that a short ageing man, his black t-shirt bulging over his far too tight belt,

his sparse hair limply falling over his face, his bristly cheeks undisguised, 

can engage the attention of a 21st century Aphrodite.

Tall and oh so slim, extravagant streaked hair  casually held in place with an unseen clip behind her head revealing the the face of a goddess, exquisite neck and shoulders smooth and creamy as alabaster, breasts hidded discreetly under a ribbed and scooped white top, her long body and legs underneath a floral skirt that swished alluringly as she walked between the tables in her soft grey leather boots.

Across the room an older woman, her greying hair cut short to disguise its texture, her large breasts covered by a cleverly draped black cardigan, was talking earnestly to  a modern Adonis.

He was not tall, but perfectly formed with skin that if she were to touch it would feel like the soft skin of her grandson. His dark eyes under darker eyebrows creased above a shortened Grecian nose,  his wet black hair carelessly caressed as he spoke. His red shirt was starting to open  in her presence and if she dared to look down she would have noticed the bulge in his, oh so tight, denim leggins.

He saw the older and the younger woman in her face. He saw her straight fair hair reaching all the way to her waist, the curve of her perfect breasts and her strong body standing firmly on shaped legs.  He saw her desire and her joy dancing with his energy as she talked with him. He wondered if she could ever believe in their coupling unmarred by stereotype and expectation……

He looked across the room at the pearly Aphrodite and smiled at her.

She smiled back as she gave the ageing Adonis his bill.

May 10, 2010

Beware of love messages scratched on old columns

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My lost love returned today to tell me he loved another goddess.

How does Athena the virgin warrior goddess have a lost love?

The centuries are littered with Adonai who favoured her from time to time.

There was one God who won her heart.

He was  a son of  Apollo and  Aphrodite, who had caught him

gazing at her naked before she was about to couple with Adonis.

In punishment he was smitten with blindness, and when I met him

I swore one day he would see me clearly and love me forever.

I have watched over him for decades, mending his broken heart when others hurt him, whispering love words in his ear, stroking his tired limbs and making up special potions to help him believe that one day he would see.

Sometimes his rages would be so great or his grief so deep that I could not reach him.

So I went to other places where I was needed and I could do battle and win.

In all this time despite what I would say or think about him,  I loved him. He was not the most beautiful God I had known nor even the most powerful. When he loved me, my heart would melt and I would become like a child of Eros longing for undying devotion and erotic entanglement forever.

I thought I had  been cured of this malady of mine. However,when I read the message he had scratched on the column outside my temple, my heart lept and I ordered him to meet me.

He came and I hardly recognised him.

His head was bare, his eyes were open and it was not me he was seeing, it was the other.

Now he was no longer angry, now he could see clearly and now he no longer loved me.

I wanted to tear my aegis into a thousand pieces and throw cruel spikes in front of him where ever he walked. I wanted to rip off my helmet and my robe, utter the most heart rending cries ever heard across the universe or the centuries.

But I did nothing. I listened to his story and gave my version with a numb heart.

It was later that my heart opened enough to start to feel the relief and the freedom.

And when that happened real compassion for both of us started to emerge. 

What to do with that compassion has become my next mission.

The Angry Ghosts of Athens or Why My City Burns

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My city is burning and angry ghosts from its turbulent past are appearing. Its citizens’ rage is being fuelled by the perfidy of the government but most of all because the wily citizens of Athens know the extent of European hypocrisy. It will take the labours of Heracles to get out of this mess and the wisdom of Zeus, embodied in his favourite daughter, Athena, to understand what has happened.

In 1999 the revolutionary Eurozone was established as a unified monetary bloc across Europe with an optimism that ignored the lessons of both ancient and modern history. . ..the same continent that was the burial ground for millions of fallen warriors from every nation state now thought these states could unite their economic interests for the good of all.

Eurozone has the same currency and interest rates across its members set by the European Central Bank with strict rules to stop large deficits emerging. Member states agreed to observe the so-called euro-convergence criteria which included limiting fiscal deficit to 3% of GDP and government debt to 60% of GDP.

The average debt across the zone is 6.9% while average government debt is 78.6%.

The worst offenders are Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain, with Greece having the second highest debt behind Ireland. However Britain which is not part of the eurozone has a fiscal debt of 11.2% – nearly as much as Greece whom they are all too eager to pillory along with the other so called ‘PIGS’.

Even though each country would like to think that their circumstances are unique, the truth is member states have cheated ignoring the basic rules they agreed to uphold.

And in their guilt they have played the blame game as only nations of this once mighty continent know how. Greedy speculators, the markets, financial institutions, credit rating agencies, and finally other members of the zone especially Germany with its ‘cradle-to–grave welfare state’ came under attack.

An Aussie Greek newspaper editor quipped on local TV, if Greece goes down the gurler we all do.

For this is not just a European problem it is a global one.

During the 2008 global financial crises government bailouts around the world

stabilised the system but did nothing to address its underlying weaknesses.

Worldwide debt was transferred from banks to governments who tried to solve the problem

 by inciting their citizens to a kind of monetary bacchanalia

even in this sparsely populated  southern continent where I, Athena, now reside.

The ‘developed’ economies have been slow to invest in infrastructure for the future

 and to come to grips with the failure of their own institutions and dreams.

The new economies of China and India await the outcome, as the old ones

 drift across the seas like Odysseus plagued by monsters and waylaid by goddesses…..

Heracles, during his tenth labour, brought back an immense herd of cattle from Geryon,

passing through most of the countries of the eurozone.

He even had time to stop and build two enormous pillars..

the Rock of Gibraltar. How’s that for infrastucture development?

He implored my father Zeus to rain down stones from heaven

to discourage  marauding brigands along the way.

Over 2500 years later maybe that’s what is needed.

Not money from heaven,

but the determination to stop monetary brigands,

and to re-build what has been lost.

Then we can start to dream again.

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